Faculty Benefits

Employee Benefit Summary

Admission to college events

  • Employees (and 1 guest) admitted free with employee ID. Immediate family members admitted free with their RSC pass.

Admission to Rowenhorst Student Center

  • Employee admitted free with employee ID. Immediate family members (dependent ages 3 to 24) admitted free with a pass.

Adoption assistance/leave

  • Full-time and three-quarter-time faculty eligible after one year of employment
  • Northwestern provides reimbursement up to $2,000 per adoption or up to $3,000 for a special-needs adoptee.
  • Employees who adopt, whether male or female, can receive 7 days of paid adoption leave.

Bookstore discount

  • 25% discount on non-sale items of clothing and books in stock (except textbooks)

Employee Assistance Program

  • Employees who work 1,000 or more hours—and members of their household—are eligible to receive up to 6 confidential pre-paid professional counseling sessions for a wide range of problems.

Facility rentals

  • 50% discount on rental rate for campus facilities (excluding housing facilities) when rented for own personal use

Family Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA)

  • Unpaid leave for medically required FMLA absences or military exigency
  • Faculty on health-related leaves of absence receive pay based on years of service starting at 4 weeks to a maximum of 12 weeks.

FLEXible benefits

  • Employees can defer pre-tax dollars to pay for unreimbursed medical and childcare expenses.
  • Maximum of $3,200 for medical and $5,000 for dependent care

Food Service Flex Dollars

  • Purchase $50 in Flex Dollars and receive an additional $10 on your account to be used for purchases at the cafeteria or the Hub.
  • Flex Dollars must be used during academic year while food service is in operation.

Group health insurance — High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)

  • Single, employee + spouse, employee + children, and family coverage for full-time and three-quarter-time faculty
  • Effective the 1st of the month coincident with or following the date of hire
  • Employees contribute a portion of the premium for their health coverage.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • Full-time and three-quarter-time employees participating in the High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)
  • College contributes monthly amounts to the HSA for the employee.
  • Employees can contribute pre-tax dollars up to annual IRS limits to pay for unreimbursed medical expenses.

Jury duty

  • Regular salary is maintained, minus any amount paid by the court for the employee’s services.

Library services

  • Available at no cost to employees

Life insurance and accidental death & dismemberment

  • Full-time and three-quarter-time faculty are eligible.
  • Effective the 1st of the month coincident with or following the date of hire
  • Northwestern pays 100% of premium.
  • Death benefit is $50,000 and is reduced for employees over age 65.
  • Northwestern also provides dependent life coverage of $2,000 for spouse and child.

Long-term disability

  • Full-time and three-quarter-time faculty are eligible for benefits payable after 180 days of disability as defined until Social Security normal retirement age.
  • Amount of monthly disability is 60% of earnings, with a maximum of $7,500 per month.
  • Northwestern pays 100% of premium.

Moving assistance

  • The college provides reimbursement for moving expenses for full-time faculty moving 50 or more miles. Moving policy
  • This reimbursement is considered a taxable fringe benefit by the IRS.
  • Expenses to be reimbursed include standard truck rental and fuel expense for transporting furniture and household goods to new residence, plus lodging and gas for new employee and family.
  • Self-move reimbursed at 100% and commercial moves reimbursed at 80% up to specified amount based on location from which new faculty member is moving.
  • Half of reimbursement will be repaid to Northwestern if employee leaves after 1 year or less of employment.

Parental leave

  • Full-time and three-quarter-time faculty and staff can receive 6 weeks paid leave for recovery from childbirth and/or to care for and bond with a newborn or newly adopted child. This leave runs concurrently with Family Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA).

Retirement plan

  • Northwestern contributes 4% of employee’s base salary to a 403(b) plan through TIAA-CREF, provided one’s work schedule exceeds 1,000 hours annually.
  • The college will match additional employee contributions of up to 2% of eligible compensation.
  • No waiting period
  • Part-time employees working less than 1,000 hours annually are eligible to make elective deferrals to the plan but are not eligible for employer contributions.

Short-term disability

  • Full-time and three-quarter-time faculty are eligible for benefits payable beginning the 90th day of disability to the 180th day of disability.
  • Amount of monthly disability is 60% of earnings, with a maximum of $7,500 per month.
  • Provided at no cost to the employee; self-funded by Northwestern

Supplemental insurance

Travel to conferences

  • Tenure-track faculty have an allowance for conferences and development.
  • Non-tenure-track faculty can apply for travel funds, subject to availability.

Tuition benefits

Graduate education tuition loans (for non-Northwestern programs)

  • Forgivable loan program for graduate tuition for full-time and three-quarter-time faculty where there is mutual benefit for the college and employee
  • Loans are forgiven 25% per year of full-time employment following receipt of tuition funds.
  • Assistance limited to 50% of tuition costs up to $5,250 per year and $21,000 lifetime
  • Loan approvals are subject to the availability of funds.

Seminary tuition

  • Sioux Falls Seminary offers tuition reduction of 25% to college employees only.
  • Western Theological Seminary offers tuition waiver to college employees, spouses and their children eligible for the benefit.

Tuition waiver/tuition exchange

  • Available to eligible employees, spouses, and dependent children under age 24 for Northwestern College undergraduate programs
  • Waiver limited to actual tuition costs. Excludes:
    • Room and board
    • Private lessons
    • Lab fees
    • Summer directed study
    • Off-campus tuition costs
  • Available after 1 year of employment; pro-rated for three-quarter-time faculty
  • Employees eligible for Northwestern’s tuition waiver program may participate in tuition exchange programs of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) and the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC).