Congratulations, 2017 graduates!

“Cherryll, it is amazing how you have juggled so many things throughout the course of the program. Congrats on earning your BSN!”
Karie Stamer for Cherryll Mann

“Evonne, your passion and commitment to Christian nursing is an inspiration to those who know you. Congrats on earning your BSN!”
Karie Stamer for Evonne Blankers

“Megan, I've admired your drive to learn and to grow in your practice throughout your graduate program. You really care about doing your best. ”
Dr. Sara Waring-Tiedeman for Megan Tonderum

“Jen, you are clearly an elementary teacher who is passionate about your role as a teacher and leader in your school. I could see your creativity!”
Dr. Sara Waring-Tiedeman for Jen Van Wyk

“Christine, as a leader at Al Raja you excelled as a Teacher Leadership graduate. You challenge your students and your fellow teachers!”
Dr. Sara Waring-Tiedeman for Christine Roy

“Michaela, Your rich experiences working in Germany and Italy provide you with depth in understanding cultures. Your students will benefit from this!”
Dr. Sara Waring-Tiedeman for Michaela Creighton

“Tahrae, I am sure that your encouraging family is very proud of you. May your strengths of connectedness and empathy continue to direct you!”
Dr. Sara Waring-Tiedeman for Tahrae Bonnes

“Lisa, your compassion for your role as a kindergarten teacher was apparent throughout your coursework and the many assignments completed. Congrats!”
Dr. Sara Waring-Tiedeman for Lisa Merritt

“Asha, you are a compassionate teacher who embraced your courses with vigor in attempt to increase your knowledge and be the best teacher you can be!”
Dr. Sara Waring-Tiedeman for Asha Epp

“Tacy, the young children you serve are undoubtedly blessed to have you as a teacher. I admire your love for them, your creativity, and your energy!”
Dr. Rebecca Hoey for Tacy Vogel

“Caleb, your professional collegiality was evident in every interaction you had with your classmates throughout your graduate program. ”
Dr. Rebecca Hoey for Caleb Van Otterloo

“Brianna, your grit and drive impressed us all when you had sweet baby Lily in the middle of a term and still excelled in your graduate coursework!”
Dr. Rebecca Hoey for Brianna Johnson

“Rebekah, two huge accomplishments this month—your new baby and the completion of your master's degree! Congrats on this completion! ”
Dr. Rebecca Hoey for Rebekah Struble

“Jenna, it was my great pleasure to have you not once, but twice in your master's program. You impressed me with your smarts, spirit, and charisma.”
Dr. Rebecca Hoey for Jenna Helmers

“Lisa, congrats on a successful summer with the completion of your master's degree and the celebration of your 25th anniversary! ”
Dr. Mary Bowne for Lisa Farmer

“Congrats Allison! I hope you have a great time relaxing this summer with your twins! ”
Martha Draayer for Allison Robbins

“Congrats Colleen! I hope you enjoy relaxing outdoors this summer. ”
Martha Draayer for Colleen Hahn

“Congrats Ali on competing your degree! Your hard work and dedication has paid off! ”
Lori Hayungs for Ali Wolken

“Sarah, congrats on your graduation! I'm sure all those boys are very proud of their momma! ”
Dr. Lila Sybesma for Sarah Nelson

“Callie, congrats on your successful completion. May you be blessed as you work with those young children. ”
Dr. Lila Sybesma for Callie Hirschler

“Amber, I enjoyed working with you. Congrats, and enjoy working with those little ones. ”
Dr. Lila Sybesma for Amber Connelly

“Congratulations Rachael Foutch!  You and Josh can now do your Alaskan cruise—much deserved!  Way to go!”
Dr. Ken Hayes for Rachael Foutch

“Way to go Sara Deitering!  I bet Keith, Kayla, Zachary, and Drew are as proud of you as I am! ”
Dr. Ken Hayes for Sara Deitering

“Congrats, Dawn! Your family is very proud of you, as am I. I am certain your cousin would as well.Continued prayers for your calling!”
Katy Evenson for Dawn Kramer

“You did it, Sara!  Your work ethic and zeal for education have served you well. I am praying your excitement and learning carry you far! ”
Katy Evenson for Sara Burmakow

“What an accomplishment Debra! Congrats on your Masters in Early Childhood! You have certainly demonstrated your love for learning! ”
Joyce Vermeer for Debra Wittrock

“You did it Mallory! A Masters in Early Childhood Education is quite an accomplishment. Many children will benefit from all that you have learned.”
Joyce Vermeer for Mallory Munden

“Aaron, thanks for your deep thinking.  Students are blessed to have you as their teacher! ”
Josh Bowar for Aaron Rozeboom

“Heather, I appreciated your passion for students!  Keep it up! ”
Josh Bowar for Heather Crichton

“Tara, I appreciate your professional approach to our class! Congratulations on a wonderful achievement! ”
Gary Richardson for Tara Van Loo

“Katie, thanks so much for your efforts in class! Congratulations on achieving your Master's Degree! ”
Gary Richardson for Katie Johnston

“Your dedication will serve you well as you teach preschool children.  I appreciated your perspectives on issues. ”
Dr. Diane Lowery for Holly Hooven

“My compliments to you, Kristy! Your school and the students you serve will benefit from your commitment to ongoing professional development.”
Dr. Diane Lowery for Kristy De Jong

“Blake, your success in teaching and coaching provides purpose and encouragement to teacher education here at NWC. ”
Dr. Derek Brower for Blake Wieking

“Tiffany, thanks for sharing your early childhood experience into the classroom discussions here at Northwestern. ”
Dr. Derek Brower for Tiffany Vasquez-Dewein

“Melissa, congratulations on the completion of your master's degree! I enjoyed seeing you grow in patience with STEM activities for young children. ”
Dr. Mary Bowne for Melissa Boer

“We are so proud of you! You both are on a mission to a successful and bright future--the sky's the limit for you two! Keep soaring high! Love you!”
Michael & Michelle Wilson for Joshua & Haley Wilson

“Marcus, we're proud of you and are excited to see God's plan unfold for your life. You are a great blessing to us. We love you! Sonny's proud too.”
David & Deb Rice for Marcus Rice

“Well done, Rachel! We are so proud of you for listening to and following God 's call. You are already an amazing teacher--what a blessing you will be!”
Jordan & LaMae Volk for Rachel Volk

“JB, it's been an incredible journey and we're proud of your accomplishments while at NWC! May the Lord continue to guide and bless you. ”
Brian & Kim Baird & Family for Justin Baird

“Congratulations Olivia! We are so proud of you and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you. We love you so much, Dad & Mom.”
Tony & Heidi Lanier for Olivia Lanier

“John Menning and Randy Van Peursem, your guidance, support, and encouragement will always be remembered. Thank you for being there for our daughter! ”
Tom & Doris Estes for Jillian Estes

“We are so grateful to Professor Gibler for seeking out Kaleb and guiding him in his studies and on his career path. Definitely above & beyond! All Praise to God!”
David & Kendra Grev for Kaleb Grev

“I asked God to allow me to see this moment. I can now say "Thank you" for the blessings in Luis' life and for all the blessings to come. We are proud. TE AMO!”
Cynthia & Ricardo Santiago for Luis Rivera-Santiago

“Thanks for the sweet memories #32. Never get tired of that "baby hook"--"Yeti Strong"”
NWC #32 Basketball Fan for Jordan Baker

“Congrats Jordan! NWC has been a great place for you to continue to grow into a strong man of God. We are so proud of you achieving this milestone!”
Brian & Roxanne Baker for Jordan Baker

“Brett, we're so proud of what you've accomplished and for the man you've become. An exciting journey awaits. Hit 'em hard! We love you, Mom and Dad.”
Scott & Terri Nelson for Brett Nelson

“Courtney, we are so proud of you! You will be a blessing to others as you use your knowledge and gifts for His Kingdom purposes! We love you! ”
Gary, Melissa, Isaac, Emily, Samuel, & Addie Tucker for Courtney Tucker

“We are grateful to the faculty and staff of NWC for their impact on Kaleb's life, and are very thankful that he met Amie!”
Ed & Donna Mortenson for Kaleb Mortenson

“We are grateful for your Hospers Hall leadership, RD Bobby and Natalia James, for your mentoring and friendship to our son. ”
David & Susan Teutschmann for James Teutschmann

“Thankful for your loving, servant's heart and seeking the Lord's will. You have persevered and finished strong! Prov 3:5-6 ”
David & Susan Teutschmann for James Teutschmann

“Congratulations to our sister, Logan! Way to go!”
Morgan & Jake Wright for Logan Wright

“Congratulations! We love you and are very proud of your accomplishments at NWC as a student-athlete. May God continue to guide and bless your life. ”
Rayela Family for Jessica Marie Rayela ("JR")

“We are grateful for those at NWC that have further nurtured your love of learning. Your passion and voice make a positive difference in the world!”
Scott & Mary Adams for Amie Adams

“Congratulations on your nursing degree Marissa! We are so proud of what you have accomplished and are so proud of the woman you have become. We Love You!”
Tammy Hoppel for Marissa Hill

“We are thankful for the opportunity Amber had to go to the Children of the Promise in Haiti on a summer of service project. It was life changing! ”
Priscilla Pater for Amber (Pater) Top

“Congratulations Emily! We are so proud of your hard work and dedication these past four years. May God bless you wherever you go!”
Dave & Denise Laackmann and Family for Emily Laackmann

“Alaina, your dream has been achieved! You have worked so hard and now it has paid off. We know you will be an excellent nurse! We love you so much.”
Rick & Jackie Kielb for Alaina Kielb

“Myles, we are so very proud of you! Grateful to see how God provided and equipped you through caring professors, great roomies, and a delicious cafeteria. Love You!”
Jon & Betty Anderson for Myles Henning Anderson

“We're thankful for the rich cultural experiences Anna's experienced, both on campus and half way around the world in New Zealand. She's been blessed!”
David & Ruth Daumer for Anna Marie Daumer

“Coach Carrie Krohn has made a life-changing impact on Will through her loving, personal care! She has inspired Will to want to lovingly coach others.”
Clay & Kathy Norris for Will Norris

“Congratulations Joanna! We are so proud of you and grateful to NWC for equipping you with nursing skills to go out and make a difference in the world.”
Greg & Pat Heemstra for Joanna Heemstra

“Olivia, We are so proud of all you've accomplished these last 4 years! Dream big and fly high! YOU ROCK! Love, Mom & Dad”
Pete & Amy Cook for Olivia Cook

“Molly, We are so incredibly proud of you and all you have accomplished. Spread your wings and fly sweetheart! ”
Dave & Terri Townsend for Molly Townsend

“Stephen, you've built computers since you were 8. Now you're passionately building your Computer Science career. So proud of you! Dad & Mom”
Barry & Elaine Lawrensen for Stephen Lawrensen

“Congrats Skyler! So proud of you today! Your greatest adventure is what lies ahead. Follow your passion and you will find your purpose! Love you!”
Melissa & Neel Johnsen for Skyler Hill-Norby

“Grateful to those at NWC who have taught and encouraged you as you reach the next stage in your life. So proud of you, Julia! Love, Dad & Mom”
John & Tina VanDyk for Julia VanDyk

“Congratulations Carenda! We're thankful for the talents God has given you. Thanks for working hard at your studies. We're proud of you & we love you!”
Carl & Brenda Czirr for Carenda Czirr

“We are grateful to the theater professors, friends, & classmates for the love and support they gave to Logan. Congratulations! We love you, Mom & Dad!”
Bruce & Cindy Wright for Logan Wright

“Connor - we are so thankful of the great life you have started here at NWC - you are one of a kind and make us so proud!”
Mom, Dad, Lance, Brandi & Ben for Connor Shaull

“Congratulations on a job so very well done, Abby. Magna!Psalm 105:4 “Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.””
Dad, Mom, Cody, Amanda, JT, Nicole, Danny and (Babi) for Abigail Marie Thompson

“Congratulations Abigail! We are so proud of how hard you have worked the last four years--continue to keep God first in your life and your new job!”
David & Mary Eben for Abigail Eben

“Thanks, Diviya, for enhancing our lives and the lives of so many at NWC with your warm, gracious personality. God's blessings on what comes next!”
John & Lynne Hubers for Diviya Nyanaguru

“We are beyond proud of you Cara and what you have accomplished these last four years! We know you will do great things in this life. We love you!”
Tim, Debbie Kraus & Family for Cara Kraus

“Kristen, Congrats! We are so proud of you. Continue to trust God & his amazing plan for your life. Thanks to NWC for their support. Love You! Mom&Dad ”
Patty & Bryan Kienholz for Kristen Kienholz

“Congratulations Josh! We are very proud of the man you've become while at Northwestern. Now, get home from New Zealand already! We miss you, Love Dad.”
Ben Tampio for Joshua Tampio

“Josh Tampio, Congratulations! We are so proud of what you have accomplished. You deserve the best life has to offer. We love you brother! ”
Kasee Kinzler & Victoria (Tori) Tampio for Joshua Tampio

“"Desire without knowledge is not good, how much more will hasty feet miss the way!"-Prov 19:2.Thank you Northwestern for leading the way for our students.”
Ben & Shawn Tampio for Joshua Tampio

“Son, we have so much to be grateful for: Your Faith, Your Resiliency, Your Wrestling Family! We are grateful of the man YOU have become!”
Shannon & Jayson Clifton for Jacob Clifton

“Thank you to the wonderful theatre faculty who are professional, yet personable, enabling our daughter to grow in her faith, confidence, and ability!”
Paul & Elizabeth Hopkins for Carolyn Ruth Hopkins

“I'm grateful that I sent my beautiful child to Northwestern and I am getting two awesome young adults back in return. Love, Mom”
Diane Sutley for Samantha Bruinsma

“Delaney, all your hard work has paid off! Congratulations on your graduation from NW college. We are extremely proud of you!”
Mike & Amber Dugger for Delaney Dugger

“Congrats Zack!! We are so very proud of you!”
Roy, Tami, Austin, Tyler and Kaden Rice for Zackery Rice

“Congratulations, Michael! We are so proud of you! Keep looking to our Savior for wisdom and strength. Love, Dad, Mom, Justine and Natalie”
Dee Johnson for Michael Johnson

“Continue to find God's grace in all that you do and you will move mountains. We are so proud of you and love you tons!”
Brett & Heidi Petrauskas for Brianna Petrauskas

“Congratulations, Carrie! Continued prayers for you as you spread your wings and fly off to China! Love, Mom and Dad”
Kevin & Melinda Bouwman for Caroline Bouwman

“Congratulations Conner! Good luck on your journey!”
Coleen McCarty for Conner Delfs

“You did it! We are so proud of you Madison Gray and love you immensely. Your patients will be in excellent hands. All things are possible through Him. ”
Gina Rasche for Madison Rasche

“Tung,We are thankful to have had you as our Vietnamese son during your time at NWC and we will continue to pray for you. Hay giu lien lac!”
Bill & Donna Mills and family for Tung Tran

“So proud of our favorite German! Wir lieben dich!”
Jay, Amy, Blake, and Claire Solsma for Julian Dittmann

“Christina, you have achieved a great milestone and we are so proud of you. We are excited to see how God will continue to work in your life.”
Brian & Amy Vanderbyl for Christina Vanderbyl

“We love you #4! ”
Tim Spykstra for TJ Spykstra

“Eric Anderson, Director of Financial Aid, has been an incredible source of knowledge and displays a Christ-like Spirit in the work he accomplishes!”
Patty Spykstra for TJ Spykstra

“The people and families who treated Michelle Lynch like their own while she was at NWC.”
Dora Lynch for Michelle Lynch

“Thanks Coach Dahl and Amy Dahl for being there for Angelo and Hannah.”
Stan Van Den Berg for Hannah Van Den Berg

“Joanna, you are an amazing young lady! Congratulations on a fantastic four years. God's richest blessings to you as you start this new adventure!”
Jonathan & Nancy Guhl for Joanna Guhl

“Grateful for the friends, teammates, coaches, professors & family that supported, encouraged & loved Evan while he attended NWC! Proud of you Evan!”
Brent & Kristin Thorn for Evan Thorn