Trevor Gudeman ’17
Tucson, Arizona

Making it compute

In addition to his computer science major, Trevor is a member of the wrestling team and an active participant in discipleship groups. After talking to students during a college visit, Trevor decided to come to Northwestern based on the strong sense of community he felt in the dorms. With a hand in athletics, faith, academics and residence life, Trevor has cracked the code on engaging in a well-rounded college experience.

Worldwide web
I have always had an interest in computers. During my freshman year, I signed up to take the computer science introductory course and I really enjoyed it. The idea of being able to create virtual worlds of information using binary language really amazes me.

Strong connection
I really appreciate the small class sizes at Northwestern. Professors are able to provide one-on-one time with students, which is unique to smaller classes. Students are also encouraged to ask questions and work together to solve problems, which strengthens bonds between students and creates a comfortable environment for learning and sharing ideas.

Tech support
The computer science professors are extremely understanding. They are willing to work with you and arrange tutoring options until you truly understand the material. But my favorite part about the faculty is their obvious passion for the subject matter.

Hardwired for success
I know the education I’m receiving at Northwestern is preparing me for the future. I want to write code for a major company after I graduate, and I believe Northwestern will help me achieve my goal. The liberal arts education has challenged me to think critically while also nurturing my creativity.