5 Questions to Ask Your College Tour Guide

The college visit serves 2 important purposes: getting to know campus and getting to know the people who call it home. Your college tour guide will likely be a current student who can help you do both! Walking around campus is a great opportunity to ask your guide questions about the college experience—and with this list, you’ll be prepared! Here are 5 must-ask questions for your next college visit:

Why did you choose to come to this college?

When you are faced with a decision, sometimes it’s helpful to get someone else’s perspective. It’s possible that a current student could identify with your situation—for example, maybe you’re both from small towns or a large high school or have similar academic or co-curricular interests. Even if your tour guide comes from different circumstances, hearing what impacted their college decision may offer insights that will help you make yours.

Do students and faculty ever interact outside of class?

At larger universities, one-on-one meetings with a professor are harder to come by, and you may be directed to meet with a tutor or the professor’s teaching assistant when you have questions. Even so, some college professors hold regular office hours when students can meet with them and ask questions about a course, navigating a career in their field, or life on campus. At Northwestern College, professors are very intentional about supporting students from their first day of classes to graduation and beyond! Not only do they have office hours, but many of them encourage students to meet them for coffee, and some extend invitations to join their family for a home-cooked meal.

What are the dorms like?

This question addresses a key part of the college experience: residence life! Do students tend to stick to their own rooms, or is there more of a community atmosphere? Will you live in a freshmen-only dorm your first year, or will you live alongside upperclassmen? Northwestern College residence life is known for its fun dorm traditions, which include weekly pancake parties and an annual battle with cardboard and duct-tape armor. Many students keep the doors to their rooms open because of the welcoming, trusting community that is found across campus. Plus, our dorms are home to freshmen through seniors, so you’ll get to live among upperclassmen who can offer advice about all things college—from good study habits to building relationships and more.

Do students usually stay on campus over the weekend or go home?

Here’s another good question about residence life. If you end up attending a college that’s far from home, you might appreciate knowing if there will be others that stick around on the weekends. This is also a good way to gauge what activities are available and may give you an idea of what students like to do for fun. Many Northwestern students choose to remain on campus because there’s so much going on! With opportunities to support the Raiders at athletic events; regular music concerts and play performances; and student activities like sand volleyball tournaments, dances and an American Idol-style competition, you’ll have plenty to do when you need a break from studying.

How do students get involved on campus?

If you enjoy participating in high school activities, ask about the college’s co-curricular options to find out if they align with your passions. What sports can students compete in? Are there intramurals available if you want to play just for fun? Are their theatre and music programs open to majors from any discipline? Northwestern offers many of these activities to its students, including opportunities to get involved with campus ministries, short-term mission trips, residence and campus life, and on-campus jobs.

For additional ideas of questions to ask on your visit, check out our other blog posts: A Guide to the College Search Process and What Parents Should Look for on a Campus Visit. And remember: There’s no such thing as a silly question! Chances are, the college’s admissions counselors have heard your question before and will be happy to help.

If you want to be part of a standout college community that’s committed to academic excellence and centered on Christ, explore life at Northwestern College at nwciowa.edu.