NWC to offer arts administration minor

Northwestern College will offer a new minor in arts administration starting this fall. The interdisciplinary program enables art, music and theatre majors to add courses in business and public relations that broaden their options in the arts job market.

“It’s a pragmatic addition to our fine arts majors,” said Dr. Robert Hubbard, chair of the Northwestern theatre department, and co-author of the arts administration program proposal. Hubbard points to postings on arts employment websites, noting that the vast majority of positions are in arts administration.

“Our student artists are very talented,” he said, describing the awards they’ve won as actors and technicians and their experience touring productions and concerts and exhibiting their visual art.

But, he adds, “Few artists make their living solely through performing or producing art. This minor enables them to offer practical administrative and promotion skills to arts organizations that also want employees who understand art, artists and creative endeavors.”

In addition to course work in accounting, marketing, management, and promotional writing and design, the arts administration minor also requires an internship in a fine arts setting such as an art gallery, concert hall, theatre, or other arts organization.

Arts students have historically interned through the Chicago Semester or the Los Angeles Film Studies Center. Recently a Northwestern student interned in arts management at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.