This is Raider Nation

Our students are smart. Committed. And ready to be part of God’s work in the world.

Emma Wilson

Emma Math

Emma says the challenge of majoring in math has pushed her to work harder and develop new strategies for learning well—things that will undoubtedly benefit her in the future.

Isaiah Gritters

Isaiah Biology-Health Professions, Chemistry, Business Administration/Finance and Economics

A future doctor, Isaiah says his Honors Program experience studying and then touring historic sites in Greece has been the highlight of his time at Northwestern.

Abigail Clarke

Abigail Biology

An aspiring physician assistant, Abigail has loved learning how the body works and feels well prepared for graduate school.

Sonu Gupta

Sonu Computer Science

Sonu seeks to use his computer science degree to help improve others’ lives.

Aaron Eckmann

Aaron Political Science

Studying political science at a Christian college has helped Aaron challenge and affirm his personal beliefs.

Chloe Tschetter

Chloe Applied Design and Entrepreneurship

Spending a semester studying in Italy helped Chloe expand her worldview and grow in confidence.

William Minnick

William History

An internship at the National Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque, Iowa, gave William outstanding opportunities to use the skills he’s gained as a double major in history and public relations.

Stephanie Riveros Munoz

Stephanie Social Work and Spanish-English Translation and Interpretation

A future social worker, Stephanie hopes to serve her neighbors as they navigate difficult circumstances.

Taylor Davies

Taylor Art Therapy

An accomplished painter, Taylor desires to use art to help people sort through the challenges in their lives.

Ty Martens

Ty Business Administration

Ty appreciates the business administration major’s versatility—covering content in a variety of areas while helping students develop essential workplace skills.

Jackson Henry

Jackson Nursing

Jackson looks forward to using his future career in nursing as a ministry.

Manuel Jaramillo

Manuel Criminal Justice

Wrestling brought Manuel to Northwestern, where he is majoring in criminal justice and preparing to become a probation officer.

Ella Van Zee

Ella Spanish

Ella’s study of the Spanish language has opened doors to new relationships and opportunities to share the gospel.

Jillian Simon

Jillian Social Enterprise

Jillian is one of the first to pursue a degree in social enterprise, using her gifts as an advocate to make a difference on campus and in her community.

Noah Roisum

Noah Business Administration/International Business and Political Science

Noah has almost as many majors as he has career possibilities. He’s interested in working in international or corporate law, or working for the State Department or a global trade company.

Jadeyn Sjaarda

Jadeyn Public Relations

Jadeyn hopes to work in event planning and fundraising, with her sights set on one day starting a nonprofit to assist people who have been rescued from human trafficking.

Faith Tyrrell

Faith Graphic Design

Faith’s experiences as an art student have given her versatility in multiple art forms, styles and techniques. In the future, she hopes to illustrate children’s books for a Christian publishing company.

Kip Cullinan

Kip Chemistry

Kip appreciates the academic rigor of Northwestern’s science curriculum and feels it will set him apart on his journey to become an orthopedic surgeon.

Dylan Kirkeby

Dylan Biophysics

Dylan is majoring in biophysics and minoring in math, with the goal of someday doing space and physics research.

Taylor VanderVelde

Taylor Biology-Health Professions

Taylor appreciates how Northwestern sets high academic standards that will prepare her well for a career in the medical field.

Kaytlyn Harms

Kaytlyn Biology-Health Professions

A future doctor, Kaytlyn loves to help people. That’s why she mentors Northwestern NEXT students, participated in a Summer of Service in Haiti, and gets great fulfillment from tutoring students in writing, biology and chemistry courses.

Parker Van Kley

Parker Software Engineering

A future software developer, Parker says the challenge and support offered by Northwestern’s computer science faculty provide a great environment for learning.

Lydia Wissink

Lydia Secondary Education

The many field experiences Lydia has had as a secondary education major have helped her feel prepared for the day she’ll have her own classroom.

Emily Erck

Emily Public Relations and Marketing

A campus tour guide who remembered her when she returned to Northwestern for a second visit is one of the reasons Emily decided to transfer to NWC. Even though she transferred in the middle of a school year, she found it easy to make friends and get involved.

Amelia Holt

Amelia Psychology

An aspiring art therapist, Amelia appreciates her psychology professors’ support of her research and believes she will be well prepared for grad school.

Elyssa Tang

Elyssa English Teaching

Though she is 9,000 miles from home, international student Elyssa has found a second family at Northwestern as she prepares to become an English teacher.

Madelynn Harre

Madelynn English Teaching

Madelynn is an English teaching major with a heart for words and exploring God’s world. She appreciates how her English courses have widened her perspective on diverse cultural backgrounds.

James Stoscher

James Worship Arts

James values the time he and fellow worship arts majors spend studying Scripture and its more practical applications. In the future, he plans to lead worship at a local church and direct band or choir at a school.

Emily Strasser

Emily Physical Education

A two-sport all-conference athlete, Emily looks forward to becoming a physical education teacher so she can inspire children to become more active.

Samantha Olson

Samantha Biology-Health Professions

When looking at career options, Samantha discovered her love for math and science align with the skills needed for biomedical engineering.

Kaylynn Ridgely

Kaylynn Agricultural Business

With the extensive hands-on experiences she has received as an agricultural business major, Kaylynn is preparing to continue her family’s legacy of helping to feed the world.

Caitlin Hornback

Caitlin Sociology

A double major in sociology and psychology, Caitlin appreciates how her classes view social problems through a Christian lens.

Ryan Sjaarda

Ryan Actuarial Science

A gifted mathematician, Ryan values the wisdom and experience of his professors, and plans to apply his actuarial knowledge in the life insurance sector.

Celina Corrales

Celina Christian Education/Youth Ministry and Worship Arts

Even as she is learning about youth ministry and worship arts, Celina is getting practical experiences—serving as a mentor for high school students and as a member of the college's chapel worship team.

Whitney Erickson

Whitney Elementary education

An elementary education major, Whitney realizes that teaching involves more than knowing the curriculum. Just as important is letting students know they are loved, capable and worthy.

Jenee Eden

Jenee Accounting

Jenee felt well prepared for her summer accounting internship with John Deere because of Northwestern’s standout education.

Andrew De Noble

Andrew Exercise Science

Andrew's personal experiences with injuries and passion for learning about the body helped him want to become a physical therapist.

Dominick Pickard

Dominick Biochemistry

Dominick’s experiences as a member of a student and faculty research team will help prepare him for the next steps in a healthcare career.

Linsy Gonzalez

Linsy Spanish-English Translation and Interpretation

Northwestern helped Linsy see being bilingual as a gift and showed her the career possibilities available as a medical and court interpreter.

Emily Rozendaal

Emily Biblical and Theological Studies

As she prepares for a career in ministry, Emily has found growth, affirmation and encouragement while grappling with some of the most deeply complex questions of the faith.

Marshall Kleinhesselink

Marshall Biology/Secondary Education

Observing his Northwestern professors and coaches in action is one way that Marshall is preparing to be a standout high school science teacher and coach.

Garrett Raymon

Garrett Biology-Ecological Science

Garrett loves to hunt, fish and hike and eventually hopes to become a state or federal wildlife biologist.

Daniel Mills

Daniel NEXT Program

As a student in Northwestern’s NEXT program, Daniel is learning valuable life skills to help him live and work independently.

Annika Stecker

Annika Biology/Genetics

Northwestern’s participation in the international SEA-PHAGES program gave Annika the opportunity to discover and name a bacteriophage.

Teagen Vander Waal

Teagen Business Administration/Management

Teagen is passionate about business, and he loves learning about the topic from professors who also convey that passion.

Becca Nevin

Becca Sport management

The student manager of the men’s basketball team, Becca says her best Northwestern memory was watching the Raiders win the GPAC title and clinch a spot in the NAIA national tournament. She plans to become a player development coach in hopes of working in the NBA.

Madilynn Loats

Madilynn Theatre

Maddie attended Northwestern’s Theatre Camp as a high school student. Now she’s majoring in theatre and learning how her art glorifies God.

Austin Dixon

Austin Music

As a future band director, Austin hopes to share his love for music with students and show them that music can be so much more than notes on a page.

Brian VandenBerg

Brian Business-Finance

Brian took classes in his business-finance major his first semester on campus, confirming his aptitude for that field.

Hailey Louw

Hailey Statistics

A statistics major, Hailey values the real-world experience and spiritual emphasis her professors bring to the classroom.

Emily Bosch

Emily Business Education, Secondary Education and Accounting

Emily initially plans to work as a financial analyst but may someday teach high school business.

Karlveon Ford

Karlveon Business Administration

With the hands-on experience Karlveon has received as a business administration major and entrepreneurship minor, he feels well prepared to become a real estate agent in the Phoenix area following graduation.

Caroline Van Berkum

Caroline Physics Education

Caroline chose Northwestern because of its close-knit community, and as she prepares to be a math and physics teacher, she seeks to work at a smaller school where she can have similar close connections with students.

Misael Bruzzone

Misael Economics

Misael chose economics for his major because it involves aspects of both business and the humanities.

Brandon Kjonegaard

Brandon Business Administration/Marketing

Northwestern’s faith-based curriculum has shown Brandon how marketing can be a tool for promoting values and social justice.