Ty Martens
Elizabeth, Colorado
Ty Martens

Learning in community

Ty, who has played first base for the Raiders’ baseball team, has found his “sweet spot” as a member of the Northwestern community. His experiences with teammates, classmates and fellow dorm residents have led to meaningful relationships that encourage Ty to grow in his faith journey. He also appreciates the business administration major’s versatility—covering content in a variety of areas while helping students develop essential workplace skills.

Comprehensive learning
After taking several business classes in high school, I knew I wanted to pursue a business career but wasn’t sure what specific area I wanted to focus on in college. Northwestern’s business administration degree has appealed to my diverse interests by providing comprehensive study in accounting, economics, marketing, management and other specialties in the field. Each class has helped me become more well-rounded as a business professional. I also appreciate how every business class emphasizes key workplace skills. Classes that seem more content-based, like accounting and finance, are still taught in a way that emphasizes teamwork and communication.

Growing together
There are so many students who come to Northwestern wanting to grow in their faith. These people may not have the same views or beliefs as you, but they push you to understand your personal worldview in a deeper way. Because we challenge each other to consider new viewpoints, I believe Northwestern students form more meaningful relationships than they would find anywhere else.

Faculty mentors
Northwestern’s faculty are intentional about forming relationships with students that extend beyond the walls of a classroom. The business professors are genuinely interested in teaching not just business skills, but also life and relational skills.