Teagen Vander Waal
Pella, Iowa
Teagen Vander Waal


The busyness caused by majoring in both accounting and business administration/management hasn’t deterred Teagen from being active on campus. He leads a discipleship group, serves as a student ambassador for the admissions office, and works as a Franken Fellow helping peers prepare their professional portfolios. He also led a Spring Service Partnership to New Orleans. He looks forward to applying what he learns in business classes at Northwestern to his family’s auto dealership after graduation.

Adding up
I chose Northwestern for a couple of reasons. First, because of the community on campus. It’s really special to be part of a group of students, staff and faculty who make an effort to know you and invest in you. Secondly, I knew Northwestern would provide me a great opportunity to grow and flourish in my faith. 

The biggest strength of the business administration/management major at Northwestern is the people. I’ve had numerous great professors, and the other students are fantastic to be around. It’s cool knowing that if you need help with something in a class, you not only have experienced professors but also incredible students.

Strong mentors
The business faculty are amazing. They bring a ton of passion and energy to the classroom, making it fun to go to class. On top of that, they make the concepts relevant and interesting. It’s awesome to learn about the things I’m really passionate about from people who are also really passionate about it. Every professor I’ve had has been happy to set aside time and meet with me for whatever reason.

Return on investment
At Northwestern I’ve gained spiritual growth, great friends and some incredible mentors. People are so willing to pour into you here, and that allows for much growth in and out of the classroom. I’ve met friends in crazy ways due to the community atmosphere, and I’ve had great challenges that really helped me grow. College is supposed to be fun—and it is—but you’re also not supposed to be the same person you were walking in, as you are walking out. I think Northwestern does a really good job of that.