Taylor VanderVelde
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Taylor VanderVelde

Future physician

Taylor loves a good challenge, both in the classroom and on the basketball court. A biology-health professions major, she appreciates how Northwestern sets high academic standards. A forward for the Raider women’s basketball team and member of the Pre-Health Professions Club, Taylor is preparing for a career in the medical field.

Eye-opening experience
I’ve always been interested in how our bodies function and amazed at how every part plays a role in how we live our lives. When my father had an accident and broke his femur, I saw first-hand how the doctors and nurses helped him walk again so he could continue to do the things he loved. Studying biology is a perfect fit to learn more about God’s creation and help people stay healthy. 

Caring professors
Northwestern faculty and staff do a great job of challenging me. They hold high standards that are achievable and attainable. Professors will go out of their way to make sure we have mastered the material and that we are more than ready to go into the world in our future occupations. They truly care about us and want us to succeed in their classes and in life. 

Northwestern does an awesome job of providing students with amazing technology, supplies and tools to give us the best possible education. This enables the biology program to flourish.  We not only have the DeWitt Family Science Center, but we also have modern laboratories, high-tech lab equipment, great professors and so much more. 

Tough questions
In the medical field, there are many tough questions we will be asked that require us to demonstrate our faith. The biology classes I’ve taken here have pushed me to answer these types of questions. All of my professors have a relationship with Christ, and they do a great job of integrating Christianity with the field of science. An example of this was in my organic chemistry class. Every week we were given an issue or topic and asked to discuss it with a Christian perspective. We gathered before lab and tried to answer these questions together. That class alone taught me how to keep my faith strong during times when it could be questioned by a non-Christian. I have learned so much from my professors when they share their testimonies and words of advice on how to tackle problems with a Christian perspective. 

Personal growth
Everyone knows that college is much harder than any previous schooling. I’ve grown academically at Northwestern, but I’ve also grown as a person. Northwestern has done an amazing job developing my character and faith. We’re taught how to succeed in life by working hard in everything we do and keeping Christ as our top priority. I have matured greatly at Northwestern with the help of classmates, professors and coaches. 

Aiming high
I appreciate how Northwestern sets high standards for each student. These standards have pushed me to achieve greatness in everything I do. From a test to a basketball game, I strive to do my best. If I fail, my professors, classmates and coaches are always there to help me get back to where I need to be and to keep pushing forward. 

Great fans
I am a member of the Raider women’s basketball team, and I love competing at Northwestern because of our great fan base. There are always fans at our games cheering us on, and they create an awesome environment in which to play.