Sonu Gupta
Birgunj, Nepal
Sonu Gupta

Programmed for leadership

It didn’t take long for Sonu to make an impact on Northwestern’s campus. In his freshman year, he founded and became president of the Computer and Technology Club, and he served on the leadership teams for the Honors Program and the Intercultural Club. Sonu also participated on the League of Legends esports team and worked in the computing services department. He says he enjoys Northwestern’s “vibrant, diverse and thriving community” and the opportunities he’s had to grow as a leader.

Making it compute
Choosing computer science as my major was both a simple and a tough decision. Growing up, I loved computers—breaking them into pieces and reassembling them, learning different software programs, and playing video games. In high school, I took computer science classes where I discovered a tremendous interest in cybersecurity and software development. I also loved astronomy and mathematics and was interested in majoring in those fields. But while I appreciated learning about the world above us, I was constantly helping my peers with their technical questions. I realized that I am passionate about learning new things, but I enjoy helping others even more!

Home away from home
Northwestern has a strong international community, and I felt a sense of belonging right away. When I met all the wonderful people here, I did not regret my choice. It’s a blessing that God led me to Northwestern.

Personal touch
On a small campus, you receive a better in-person experience and have more interaction with your professors. You are able to meet them in their office, and they are welcoming, wanting to help you, and even eager to learn with you.

Prepared for the future
Northwestern has helped my faith grow stronger than ever before. Northwestern’s education and opportunities have shaped my leadership skills. And my computer education enabled me to do a summer programming internship at Diamond Vogel Inc. in Orange City, where I had a wonderful experience writing and manipulating SQL queries and scripts. Just a year ago, I had no job experience. Now I have worked for a multi-million-dollar company! 

For good
I want to be a software engineer, continuing to learn the ins and outs of the world’s fastest growing and most prominent profession—technology! Most importantly, I want to be involved in technology that impacts and changes peoples’ lives for the better.