Scott Monsma
Professor of Sociology; Department Chair
Scott Monsma

A champion of social justice, Dr. Monsma teaches courses in sociology and criminal justice. His research interests range from interfaith dialogue and gender equality to relationship dynamics and teaching practice.

Top-notch teacher
The 2014 recipient of Northwestern’s Teaching Excellence Award, Dr. Monsma has been a finalist for the award on four occasions. His students note how he provides opportunities to explore textbook information in practical ways, using real-life experiences as tools for learning.

Christian sociologist 
In his research about Michal, the wife of King David in the Bible, Dr. Monsma explored how culture and social location impact our understanding of biblical texts. His work was published in the Journal for the Sociological Integration of Religion and Society and was later presented at an Association of Christians Teaching Sociology conference. Dr. Monsma's chapter on mass incarceration from a faith-based perspective was recently published in the book Strangers and Scapegoats: Extending God’s Welcome to Those on the Margins.

Culturally curious
On one of his first trips to the Sultanate of Oman, he recalls eating at a Tex-Mex restaurant run by people from India dressed as cowboys: “An encounter like this raises all sorts of interesting questions about culture and what makes us similar or unique in a rapidly globalizing world.”

“Pun-dit” prof
An infamous punster, Dr. Monsma enjoys any pun that earns a collective eye roll from his students—even better if he inspires a student to come up with his or her own.

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