Sarah deVries
Computer Science and Business Teacher, Boyden-Hull High School, Hull, Iowa
Sarah deVries

Back in business

After a few years away from her hometown of Rock Rapids, Iowa, Sarah was thrilled to accept a teaching position in northwest Iowa. She is no stranger to the Boyden-Hull school district—Sarah completed 30 practicum hours there during her time at Northwestern. A current student in Northwestern’s Master of Education program, she also coaches junior varsity volleyball and junior high girls basketball.

What led you to pursue a degree in business education?
When I first started at Northwestern, I was an accounting major, but I really enjoyed all my business classes. During my sophomore year, my adviser recommended I take an education class because he thought it would be a good fit for my skills and personality. I was hesitant at first, but after taking a few education classes, I changed my major so I could combine my love for both fields. Business education is one of the most applicable subjects for students because they learn everyday skills and real-life applications. I love being able to share my passions with students each day.

What are the strengths of Northwestern’s business department?
The greatest strengths are the rigorous curriculum and endless opportunities that prepare students for whatever comes next in life. NWC professors have high expectations for their students, but they are also personable and care deeply about students’ lives and interests. I learned so much from them—not just academically, but how I want to teach and live as a Christian.

In what ways did NWC impact your faith?
By applying faith to all aspects of academic life, Northwestern challenged my beliefs tremendously and expanded my knowledge of the Christian life. I learned to consider perspectives outside of what I thought I believed and to critically evaluate the things I did believe.

How did Northwestern prepare you for your career?
NWC gave me opportunities to realize what I truly wanted to do after college. After I changed my major, I completed practicum hours in multiple high schools every semester until I graduated. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into as a business educator before I was even a senior, giving me confidence in my chosen career path. Northwestern empowered me to believe in myself and helped me trust that I could succeed in every aspect of my life.