Ross Bouma
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology; Department Chair
Ross Bouma

Dr. Bouma brings to students more than two decades of teaching, coaching and administrative experience. His master’s degree in physical education with an emphasis in athletic administration is from Idaho State University, and his doctorate in kinesiology from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. He is also certified as an emergency medical technician and serves part time as an EMT for the Orange City Area Health System.

Helping students find their calling
Dr. Bouma had many years of teaching and coaching experience at the secondary level—years he thoroughly enjoyed. But he points to a unique period of growth he sees in students on the NWC campus as his greatest satisfaction as a college teacher. “I enjoy watching God work in the lives of young adults. This is a time when many of them discover and develop their passions and gifts and decide how they will use those in their vocational calling to serve God and others.”

With the current cultural elevation and even glorification of physicality, sports and competition, the danger of idolatry is real. Dr. Bouma believes Christians have a responsibility to put these things in a proper context. He seeks to shine a light on such issues and to provoke meaningful dialogue. “How should a Christian view competition? What does it mean to be a Christ-like competitor and teammate? I believe it is important to challenge students to think about these topics from various viewpoints.”

Dr. Bouma enjoys spending his free time enjoying God’s amazing creation. Among his favorite hobbies are hiking, fishing, hunting and helping on the farm.

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