Randy Van Peursem
Science Support Services Professional
Randy Van Peursem

After severe allergies forced him to leave medical school, where he was pursuing both an M.D. and Ph.D., Randy returned to his alma mater and now provides tutoring support for students majoring in the sciences—including those who plan to enter the health professions.

Tutor mentor
Randy manages more than 70 student science tutors and also advises first-year science majors. Many alumni say he played a huge role in helping to prepare them for medical school.

Randy has dealt with severe allergic reactions and dysautonomia throughout his life but chooses to see this as a gift from God to help recognize symptoms in other family members and people in the community.

Servant’s heart
In 2009, he received Northwestern’s Staff Inspirational Service Award after being nominated by numerous students and faculty. His patience and encouragement when tutoring students goes above and beyond to help them succeed.

Christ model
One student said, “He encourages excellence in not just academics, but he inspires us to live life to the fullest. In spite of difficult health problems, Randy still selflessly serves students, placing our needs over how he feels. He models what true Christ-like service looks like.”

Star Wars collector
Since 1993, Randy has been collecting Star Wars and Lord of the Rings dioramas—with over 6,000 action figures already displayed in his basement. Many students bring friends over to experience the nostalgia.

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