Michael Kugler
Professor of History
Michael Kugler

Dr. Kugler is known for challenging students to become critical thinkers and making history come alive by showing its relevance in the modern world.

Reimagining history
Dr. Kugler is interested in how popular culture like novels, movies and video games use the past as platforms for their stories. He plans to publish some of his father’s old comic strips retelling the Pacific War from World War II—as well as other horror stories—through humanized frogs and toads.

Committed researcher
In 2019 Dr. Kugler was among 25 faculty from around the world selected to participate in a summer seminar on science and religion in Oxford, England. The seminar focused on bridging the cultures of science and humanities.

Christian scholar
Dr. Kugler is writing a book to help students think Christianly about historical scholarship. His project is supported by Northwestern’s 2020 Endowed Research Fellowship.

Engaging professor
In 2006 he received the Northwestern Teaching Excellence Award. Student nominators said he is a lively, humorous professor who wants students to think deeply.

Relationship builder
Dr. Kugler not only encourages his students in and out of the classroom, but he also keeps in touch with Northwestern alums to talk about their work and families, interesting books and movies, theology, and other topics.

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