Marshall Kleinhesselink
Sheldon, Iowa
Marshall Kleinhesselink

Future science teacher

Marshall chose Northwestern because of its strong science programs and the opportunity to play football. The future high school science teacher and coach says his best memory so far was traveling with the football team to Louisiana to play in the national championship game.

Side benefits
Northwestern football has prepared me for my future by teaching me attributes such as discipline, responsibility and how to work with others—all of which will be applicable to my career. Since I plan to become a coach after college, watching our coaching staff and seeing what it takes to have a successful program has been very beneficial.

On the plus side
I chose Northwestern because of the outstanding biology department and the Christ-centered education. Meeting the professors on my visit helped make my decision because I was confident I would receive a high-quality education. I also liked the small campus, smaller class sizes and being close to home.

Biology + education
I’ve always had a love for science, and I took many science courses before coming to Northwestern. After seeing the college’s new science facilities on a campus visit, I knew that Northwestern was the place where I would have the best experience in science education. After I decided I wanted to become a teacher, my professors encouraged me to keep my biology major and add a major in secondary education. As part of my education major, I was placed in a classroom for practicum. I had the opportunity to teach the class, which helped me figure out what areas I am strong in and what I need to improve upon.

Faculty foundation
I appreciate my biology professors because their main focus is the success of their students. They are always open to questions through email or a visit to their office during the day. I also appreciate the strength of their faith and how well they integrate faith into their lessons. With the knowledge I’m gaining, I am confident that I’ll be able to explain things clearly to my future students and to answer their questions.