Lydia Wissink
Chisago City, Minnesota
Lydia Wissink

Empowered instruction

Lydia’s high school teachers taught her the meaning of being a standout educator. Their influence led her to pursue majors in secondary education and math, preparing for a career as a high school math teacher. On campus, Lydia is involved in Bridge Scholars, a service-based learning experience for multicultural students, and as a mentor for the NEXT program.

Safe space for learning
I love how my education classes provide real-world experience in a safe, accommodating environment. These experiences have helped me grow in confidence, so I feel prepared for teaching in a real classroom. Northwestern really is my second home, and I am grateful to have such a safe place to grow in faith and become equipped for teaching.

Teacher as servant
I want to become a teacher so I can educate and positively impact students, but I also desire to serve the Lord through my teaching. This makes me even more appreciative of Northwestern’s integration of faith and learning. By including faith in the curriculum, my perspective has changed on how to treat and teach students from a Christian point of view.

Mentors and scholars
Because Northwestern is a smaller college, you will always know you are not just a number to your professors. When I was struggling in a class, my professor recognized I needed support and took time out of her day to help me. The advisers are also available to listen and give guidance on the best career and academic choices for you.

Role model
As a female going into the primarily male-dominated field of mathematics, I feel very empowered by my Northwestern education. I hope to encourage my future students to be unafraid to pursue a field dominated by the opposite gender.