Hailey Louw
Story City, Iowa
Hailey Louw

Solving for X

Hailey’s experiences at a small-town high school caused her to seek out a college where community was the focus. Her passion for mathematics, along with an interest in healthcare economics, made the choice to study statistics simple. Hailey competes on the Red Raider track and cross country teams and is involved in Investment Club, intercultural development, and the Honors Program leadership team.

God as statistician
Statistics is one of the most unchanging sciences out there, similar to physics—which is also saturated with math. However, Dr. Huffman taught us that the true mean and standard deviation for a population is only known to God. Maybe this means God is the greatest statistician, or maybe it means we’re trying to study things we can never know. Regardless, it just goes to show how powerful and all-knowing our God is.

Real world experience
I appreciate the application of our statistics classes to the real world. Dr. Huffman and Dr. Schon both have experience working for reputable companies in the field of statistics, so it’s always interesting to hear how what we’re learning might play out in everyday situations.

Standout faculty
Dr. Schon and Dr. Jongerius instruct and guide their students through the often-daunting field of mathematics. Not only that, they are strong in their faith and confident in their skills. I don't think many people realize how rare it is to have a female math professor, let alone a female department chair and head of institutional research. They both have served as role models to me as I prepare to enter the STEM field.

Serving together
Going on a Spring Service Partnership to Kansas City was an experience I’ll never forget. We had a small group and none of us knew each other prior to the trip. We quickly learned a lot about each other and the people we worked with in Kansas City. To this day, my fellow team members and I talk and get together, though we are in very different places. I’m so thankful for the experience and the friends I made along the way.