Christian Korver
Sixth Grade Teacher, Valley Christian School, Bellflower, California
Christian Korver

Leading by example

Coming from a long line of Northwestern alumni, being a Raider was in Christian’s blood. But it took his own experience at Northwestern to help him really understand what makes NWC special. Playing four years on the Red Raider men’s basketball team, serving as a student ambassador, leading a discipleship group and working as a history tutor, Christian grew in academics, athletics and faith—and learned how to integrate them. Along the way, he found a genuine community of people who wanted to help him mature as a follower of Christ and as a professional.

What are some of Northwestern’s strengths?
Northwestern College does a great job of integrating faith into learning and community life. There are resources all over campus to help you grow in knowledge, to deepen your faith and to make connections. Discipleship groups, chapel, Mondays for Men, and Praise & Worship are just some of the resources available to help with spiritual growth.  Academically, professors care. They know your name and care about you more than your grade in their class. The network at the Compass Center for Career and Calling is a great resource to help students find a job or apply to graduate schools.

What do you appreciate most about your Northwestern experience?
The preparation provided for education majors is invaluable. Northwestern exposes each of their prospective teachers to over 100 hours in area classrooms before student teaching. This was challenging for me at times, but helped me with creating realistic lesson plans, as experience is the best teacher. I also appreciated the office hours that professors were available and their authentic approach to connect with students on a more personal level.

What led you to choose education as a major?
As a child, I wanted to coach. However, as I grew up, I recognized that my desire to teach was even stronger. Every day as a secondary education teacher I have the opportunity to connect with many individuals who are in their formative years. I had a number of teachers who made a real impact on my life in middle and high school by the example they set. This made the call to teach, mentor and encourage young people evident to me.

What’s your favorite part of your current job?
I find the opportunity to work with a variety of ages and do my best to point to Christ with my words and actions to be very rewarding.  It is a joy to get to know a variety of people and walk with them through different seasons of life, just as so many of my past teachers and coaches have walked with me.  Teaching sixth grade science; coaching middle school basketball, baseball and track; directing an adult basketball league at church; and coaching a boys basketball team present great opportunities to lead by example.