Celina Corrales
Choluteca, Honduras
Celina Corrales

Made for ministry

Celina is majoring in both Christian education/youth ministry and worship arts. As a student at Northwestern, she enjoys many opportunities to practice what she is learning in the classroom. Following graduation, she plans to serve in a church and possibly continue her education by pursuing a biblical studies degree in seminary.

Learning to lead
Northwestern has provided me with different leadership opportunities that challenge and encourage me to expand my capacities. I serve as a campus ministry worship leader and was a mentor for high school students during the college’s weeklong Living Your Faith summer camp. I’m also part of the Bridge Scholars and Intercultural Club. I’m thrilled to consistently learn about intercultural intelligence outside of class and to employ skills in my major while still in college.

A global perspective
In the biblical and theological studies department, there is freedom and flexibility for perspectives to be heard, as well as to be challenged and strengthened by our professors. They provide teachings that equip students to be part of God’s redeeming work in the world. It’s truly an adventure to go deeper in Scripture and other theologians’ studies, and to be open for more questions and learning. The professors’ willingness to pour into the students has been highly appreciated. They are open to advise and guide students on a regular basis.

Putting it into practice
Through my two majors, I’ve learned how to look into biblical and theological studies. This has strengthened my faith and built spiritual disciplines that help sustain the progress. I’m learning, being equipped professionally, and growing in my faith. I’m not only absorbing theory, but practicing what is being taught by professors, staff and other students. Their application and modeling of the teaching has encouraged me to strengthen my faith, grow closer to the Lord and others, and keep going with my studies. I have the guidance and support of the community while going further in my studies to share God’s goodness in the world.