Carrie Thonstad
Assistant Professor of Education; Licensure Official
Carrie Thonstad

Dr. Thonstad’s varied professional experience in education—as a teacher, reading specialist and principal—equips her well for her faculty calling at Northwestern. And her passion for serving—and for preparing students to serve—makes her a valuable resource in the education department.

Caring educator
Working in the public school system taught Dr. Thonstad that she couldn’t solve every problem she encountered, but also solidified her faith that daily prayer and love would help everyone in her path—students, parents and co-workers. “There were restrictions on the kinds of instruction I could give. There were no restrictions on the deep caring I could show. This is what our Christian educators can share with the world.”

Qualified mentor
Dr. Thonstad has credentials in early childhood education, reading recovery, structured English immersion, curriculum, instruction and educational administration. She teaches both on-campus and online courses at NWC, and also serves as the licensure official for the education programs. “Engaging with pre-service educators, collaborating with area school districts, researching relevant pedagogy, and hearing from alumni in the field of education are high points in my role at Northwestern College.”

Lifelong learner
Dr. Thonstad’s hobbies typically depend on whatever new learning she can gather. She loves to read historical fiction and science fiction. She spent 15 years raising alpacas and is currently learning about orchids. In addition, she is often busy keeping up with her husband and four sons and their activities.  

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