Caitlin Hornback
Winterset, Iowa
Caitlin Hornback

Conditions for learning

Caitlin felt at home from the moment she stepped foot on campus. An aspiring pediatric psychologist, she appreciates how her Northwestern education connects faith to her majors in sociology and psychology. Caitlin keeps a full schedule as a speech fellow, student ambassador, NEXT program mentor, discipleship group leader and participant in Northwestern’s music program.

Brain behavior
I started at Northwestern with a psychology major because God’s design for the human brain fascinates me. Every situation impacts the way a person’s brain develops, which then impacts behavior and the way he or she functions. At the end of my first semester, I added a second major in sociology to further explore how events can impact an individual’s life. This psychology-sociology combo will help me see the full picture when working with future clients, so I can evaluate everything that might impact a client’s life.

Known and loved
My goal is to become a pediatric behavioral therapist. Children do not always receive the love that is needed, so I long for the opportunity to help children cope with challenging life situations and remind them that they are valuable.

Faith focus
In my sociology classes, we reflect upon faith’s impact on our understanding of social problems. This skill of reflection has helped me understand why I believe what I believe. I have also learned how to dig deeper into the Bible to inform my knowledge of biblical truth.

Memorable moment
One of my favorite memories is from spring finals week of my freshman year. We were leaving chapel when we got caught in a downpour. Instead of going back to the dorms, my friends and I decided to dance in the rain. We got soaked, but at that point in finals week, we needed the laughter and to be surrounded by each other. Sometimes, you have to embrace silly opportunities because that is how great memories are made.