Brandon Kjonegaard
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Brandon Kjonegaard

Limitless possibilities

As an aspiring marketer and graphic designer, Brandon enjoys the challenge of crossing creative boundaries and overcoming limitations. He appreciates the support of Northwestern’s faculty and staff, and credits them for giving him the push necessary to pursue leadership roles on campus. Brandon is the senior class representative in the Student Government Association, the president of the Business Club, and the marketing director for the Student Activities Council.

An instant connection
I knew I wanted to attend a Christian college, but it wasn’t until I visited Northwestern that I felt an instant connection. I met with professors who genuinely expressed interest in me and my future decisions. I also stayed with students who were very welcoming and inclusive. After my overnight visit, I knew Northwestern was the place where I belonged.

A perfect duo
I have always been interested in art, but it wasn’t until I discovered graphic design in high school that I decided to pursue a graphic design career. Coming into college, I was introduced to marketing and decided to tie that into a graphic design major. Marketing can be a straightforward subject, but it also requires a lot of creativity. That’s right up my alley. After college, my hope is to work at an urban marketing agency. Another future goal is to eventually own my own agency or coffeeshop/brewery.

Marketing value
In one of my marketing classes, we talked about businesses that use marketing as a divisive tool to convince customers to buy their product or service. Sometimes this gives marketing a bad rep, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Marketing can be used to promote wherever your values lie. Personally, I want to work for a company that is socially and environmentally conscious. Tying faith into the curriculum showed me how I can align my values to my knowledge of marketing and graphic design.

Empowered to stand out
I’ve grown so much as a person while at Northwestern. There are countless opportunities for leadership development through clubs, Spring Service Partnerships, student government and residence life. The smaller class sizes also encourage inclusivity and help immerse you in the classroom environment. That’s awesome for someone like myself who would tend to avoid being called on. I truly believe my success in college and afterward can be attributed to the investment Northwestern’s faculty and staff have made into me.