Hyunsung Jun
Associate Professor of Math and Physics
Hyunsung Jun

A gifted professor and researcher, Dr. Jun is committed to helping students become critical thinkers while learning more about God’s creation throughout the universe.

Sky watcher
Dr. Jun’s experience in astronomical research is truly out of this world. His Ph.D. dissertation examined the life of the universe’s most massive black holes, and his postdoctoral work at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) tracked the growth and evolution of active galactic nuclei.

Accomplished scholar
Dr. Jun has received $1.3 million in fellowships and awards for his contributions to the astronomy and astrophysics field. He was given the JPL Outstanding Postdoctoral Research Award in 2015 and the Korea Institute for Advanced Study Academic Award in 2020. Dr. Jun finds astronomy to be an active pursuit of the beauty of creation.

Teacher by twilight
Prior to joining the faculty at Northwestern, Dr. Jun served as an associate research professor of astronomy at Seoul National University, South Korea. His teaching credentials also include working with high schoolers in preparation for the International Astronomy Olympiad. Dr. Jun views finding and sharing knowledge as a complete act of worship.

Point of reference
The co-author of a high school science textbook, Dr. Jun has had his writings cited more than 2,000 times in publications across the globe, including published works by the Royal Astronomical Society, Korean Astronomical Society and Astronomical Society of Japan. He acknowledges that, in discovering the wonders of the universe, he is bringing to light God’s original art of creation.

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