Math professor contributes to new book

Dr. Kim Jongerius, professor of mathematics at Northwestern College, is among 10 members of the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences who contributed to a new book, Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith.

Published by HarperOne and co-sponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, the book invites readers to consider the rich intersection of mathematics and Christian belief. The authors examine both secular scholarship and theology as they explore issues such as the relationship between chance and divine providence and whether or not mathematical concepts point to a higher reality. Recognizing that the study of numbers can raise spiritual questions, Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith demonstrates that math contributes to a Christian understanding of an ordered world.

Jongerius, who is currently serving as president of the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences, co-authored three of the chapters:“Infinity,” “Dimension” and “Proof and Truth.”

Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith was edited by Dr. James Bradley, professor emeritus of mathematics at Calvin College, and Dr. Russell Howell, professor of mathematics at Westmont College.

Jongerius joined Northwestern’s faculty in 1993 and received the Northwestern Teaching Excellence Award in 2005. She earned doctoral and master’s degrees in mathematics at Colorado State University and received a bachelor’s degree in English and math at Northern Arizona University.