Hubbard to present solo show

Robert Hubbard, Northwestern College theatre professor, will present a new solo show, How Helicopters Figure in My Dreams, at fringe festivals in Kansas City July 21–31 and Minnesota’s Twin Cities Aug. 4–14.

The autobiographical show tells the story of an absent, alcoholic father and sensitive, artistic son, both of whom loved the Denver Broncos—especially during the years when the team was led by the legendary quarterback John Elway.

Though the father drifted in and out of homelessness during the son’s teenage years, he knew his dad would find a way to watch the Broncos. The father’s football fandom inspired the same fanaticism in the son, especially as he felt an irrational connection to his dad for a couple of hours every Sunday.

An experienced actor, director and playwright, Hubbard has performed solo shows at fringe festivals across the U.S., including those in New York City and Baltimore.

Fringe festivals started midway through the last century in Edinburgh, Scotland. Today they are held around the world. Fringe festivals aim to enable both established and emerging artists to perform their work and to make the performances affordable and accessible to a broad audience.