Student government donates to nonprofits

Northwestern College’s Student Government Association (SGA) has donated $5,000 to area nonprofit organizations. The funds represent savings on the college’s energy bill during the SGA-sponsored ConServe initiative last year.

The student group donated $1,900 to The Bridge, a transitional housing facility for women and children; $1,750 to Northwestern’s Summer of Service program, $800 to Bethany Christian Services, an adoption agency; and $550 to Atlas, an organization that provides personal development services to individuals and families. The amounts reflect the percentage of votes those programs received by students, faculty and staff.

An additional $4,600 was saved and is being used to further Northwestern’s creation-care initiatives this year.

ConServe, conducted during the Lenten season, challenged students to implement changes that would help curb energy consumption. Actions included decreasing shower times, turning off computers when not in use, unplugging gaming systems and turning off water while brushing teeth.

“ConServe is an attempt to empower the campus to be more responsible with its water, gas and electricity consumption and move toward becoming better stewards of the earth,” says Wes Garcia, who was the SGA president last year and is currently serving as vice president. “By offering the proceeds of our conservation to those in need, ConServe hopes to revive Christ-like understanding of environmental stewardship, compassion for the poor, and a sense of unity between our campus and community.”