Social work department infuses gerontology into curriculum

Northwestern College's social work department is among 46 undergraduate and graduate programs nationwide that received grants of up to $5,000 to give faculty the tools to plan for and infuse gerontology into their required curriculum and organizational structure. The grants were awarded by the Council on Social Work Education's Gero-Ed Center, funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation.
The grants were awarded
with the goal of preparing social work graduates to be just as effective as advocates and resources for older citizens as they are for children. By participating in this national initiative, Northwestern’s social work program has been developing innovative ways to infuse gerontological competencies into students’ required course work so every student graduates with foundational knowledge and skills to work with older adults. 

Northwestern’s faculty are developing innovative ways to embed and sustain gerontological social work content, working closely with a national mentor who advises them regarding effective strategies to attain their goals.

The 2010-11 academic year will be the third year of the initiative. The focus for this year will be continued implementation, evaluation and dissemination of lessons learned to social work educators and researchers both nationally and globally.