VanDerWerff publishes article in Perspectives

Dr. Jeff VanDerWerff, associate professor of political science at Northwestern College, is the author of an essay published in the February 2010 issue of Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought. In "Contemporary Pagan Corruptions: Why 'How' is as Important as 'What' for Evangelicals in Politics," VanDerWerff calls for evangelicals to be engaged--yet civil--in politics, guided by Jesus' example as a servant leader.

"Evangelicals should issue a cease-fire of sorts, or adopt a radically different set of rules altogether for engaging democracy," VanDerWerff writes. "Laying down their usual 'political weapons,' even if unilaterally, is urgently needed to provide an important penultimate step in bringing the culture wars to a potential conclusion."

VanDerWerff notes that evangelicals, in following the world's mold of political practice, may be undermining the primary endeavor to advance God's kingdom. "What value is there if in their desire to win," he writes, "evangelicals cease to be good even when they may be right?"

A member of Northwestern's faculty since 1999, VanDerWerffhe earned a doctorate in American politics and public administration from the University of Kansas.