Choir to begin European tour March 7

The music has been rehearsed, money raised and itinerary finalized for the Northwestern College A cappella Choir tour of Eastern Europe March 7–14. The 70-member ensemble will perform and minister in the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland.

“We are looking forward to seeing how God is going to work in and through our students,” says Dr. Thomas Holm, associate professor of music and conductor of the A cappella Choir. “This group is musically strong and spiritually mature. They will represent Northwestern, the U.S. and the cause of Christ well. Missionaries have told us the best way we can support their ministry in the Czech Republic is to perform good music well while at the same time sharing what Jesus means to us, so that is our goal.”

Touring under the auspices of Youth for Christ, the ensemble will present three full concerts at churches in the Czech Republic cities of Prague, Hlinsko, and Hradec Králové. The choir will also sing as part of a Sunday morning worship service at the Salzburg Cathedral, perform and minister to residents of senior citizen’s homes, and interact with high school students.

“There’s a lot of excitement among our students,” says Holm. “They are where I want them to be musically at this point, and they have been practicing some Czech phrases and studying the area’s culture and history. I look forward to seeing how they grow from the experience of performing in European cathedrals, engaging the audience, and exploring another culture with friends.”

The A cappella Choir will present a wide range of music, including works by Czech and other European composers. The students will also perform a large selection of American music, with pieces by Bernstein, Copland and Lauridsen alongside black gospel and folk songs.

While in Eastern Europe, members of the Northwestern group will visit the Auschwitz concentration camp museum, view the scenery of the Alps, and see the sights of Prague and Salzburg.

Area residents will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the tour at the A cappella Choir’s home concert on Friday, March 19, at 7:30 p.m. in Christ Chapel.