Mathematician to speak at Northwestern

Dr. Robert Brabenec, professor of mathematics at Wheaton College in Illinois, will be a guest speaker in Northwestern College’s Christ Chapel Friday, Oct. 9, at 10:05 a.m. His speech is entitled “A Christian Perspective on Mathematics.” The public is invited to attend.

Brabenec will also speak in Northwestern math classes on the topics of Cantor’s Theory of the Infinite and “Thinking Philosophically About Mathematics.”

A mathematics faculty member at Wheaton College for 45 years, Brabenec received the junior teacher of the year award in 1970 and a senior teaching achievement award in 2006. He has taken three six-month sabbaticals at Cambridge University and one sabbatical at the University of Virginia.

Brabenec has served as the executive secretary of the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences since 1977. The organization, which he founded, helps Christian mathematicians find ways to integrate their faith with mathematics and to serve as Christian witnesses in the larger mathematical community.

The author of two textbooks on analysis, the most recent being Resources for the Study of Real Analysis, Brabenec is now writing a book to be titled Mathematics and its Foundations. The volume will contain material from the lectures he’s giving at 15 colleges during his current sabbatical.

Brabenec earned a doctorate in mathematics with a specialty in analysis from Ohio State University. He completed his undergraduate study in mathematics at Wheaton College.