NWC to host concert by Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes

Critically acclaimed singers/songwriters Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes will bring their “Two Birds/One Stone Tour” to Northwestern College on Sunday, Oct. 28, at 7:30 p.m. in Christ Chapel. Special guest is the Gabe Dixon Band.

Tickets for the concert, sponsored by Northwestern’s Student Activities Council, are $10 for persons with a Northwestern ID card and $15 for the general public. Tickets may be purchased at Northwestern’s student development office in the Rowenhorst Student Center or online, with a $1 per ticket service fee, at www.nwciowa.edu/concerts.

For more information, call the student activities office at 712-707-7295, e-mail concerts@nwciowa.edu or view the concert website.

Wertz, a 27-year-old Kansas City native, has toured aggressively over the past six years, playing venues from college campuses to coffeehouses. His latest recording, “Everything in Between,” was inspired by his experiences with love, questions, pain and healing.

“This record stems from relationships and heartbreak, but ultimately I’m grateful for everything that happened, because I learned who I am through the process of making the recording,” says Wertz.

Known for his impassioned, breathy vocals and engaging live performances, Wertz says he wants concert-goers to walk away feeling like they have a new best friend. “I want people to feel they are not alone in the situation they’re in and that one of my songs connected with them in a way that encourages them. I want them to have fun, be refreshed and feel entertained, and I hope I presented myself in a way that was true to who I am.”

Concert co-headliner Dave Barnes is a Nashville-based artist known for delivering song after soulful song of meaningful poetry—a steady diet of confessions, observations and revelations that have struck a chord with audiences across the country. His latest effort is “Chasing Mississippi,” an 11-song collection Barnes describes as an ode to his musical influences, which include Motown, Journey and Bonnie Raitt.

A pastor’s kid who grew up in Mississippi and Tennessee, Barnes has collaborated with a number of Nashville’s noted musicians. “Chasing Mississippi” includes guest appearances by Amy Grant and Vince Gill.

For Barnes, being a songwriter is not just a license to explore the world, it’s a means to connect with others. “To me, it really is about the songs and making sure that people can relate and take them home. I want for the songs to become a part of people’s lives,” he says.

Special guest the Gabe Dixon Band is a trio featuring its namesake on keyboards and vocals, Winston Harrison on bass, and Jano Rix on drums. The band received acclaim three years ago for its first release, “On a Rolling Ball,” and has recently released a six-song EP, “Live at World Café.” Gabe Dixon has played keyboards for Paul McCartney, Alison Krauss and Loggins & Messina and co-written songs with Grammy Award-winner Wayne Kirkpatrick and Grammy nominee Dan Wilson.