Theatre Patrons begin membership drive

Northwestern College Theatre Patrons’ annual membership drive is under way. They are seeking membership donations to support Northwestern’s theatre program by Oct. 1.

Membership rates for the 2007–08 theatre season are $55 for single memberships and $50 for additional memberships (couple memberships are $105).

A Northwestern Theatre Patron membership includes tickets to all season productions, and patrons can also call the box office ahead of the general public to reserve their preferred seating to shows that usually sell out.

On April 26, the Theatre Patrons will enjoy a catered banquet prior to watching a new play, written and directed by Jeff Taylor, professor of theatre and speech at Northwestern. Season tickets and the banquet together are valued at $30.

Those interested in supporting Northwestern theatre but unable to attend any of the productions or the banquet still can join at the $25 associate membership rate.

The 2007–08 season includes family show The Impossibles, John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, Terror Texts and The Highest Calling. In addition, each season includes the directing class one acts and the annual World Premiere Festival. Show details are available at

To join the Northwestern College Theatre Patrons or to receive a brochure with the 2007–08 season’s shows and dates, contact Kelly Van Marel, Theatre Patron board member, 712-707-7341 or