Student interns with FOX News Channel

Bethany Kroeze of Pella, Iowa, a senior business administration/management major at Northwestern College, is getting an inside look at the world of 24-hour news through a summer internship with FOX News Channel in New York City.

Kroeze began a for-credit internship at Fox News on June 4 and will work a total of 420 hours by the middle of August. Serving as a production assistant intern, she cuts videotape for shows.

“When you are watching the news and the anchors are talking, but you see video of what they are talking about instead of the anchors—that’s what I do,” Kroeze explains. “They are called VOs, for ‘video only’or ‘voice over.’ We also cut SOTs—‘sound on tape’—which are the soundbites you see and hear in different stories. I help production assistants by performing searches from our various tape libraries, downloading stories from our digital news source, cuing tapes to the proper time codes, labeling tape cases in the edit rooms, and any other tasks that come up.”

Kroeze, who served as the 2006–07 editor of Northwestern’s school newspaper, The Beacon, has extensive experience in print journalism but is learning the ropes of broadcast news.

“I have learned that something is always going on and I need to be constantly reading or watching the news in order to stay updated,” she says. “I have also learned a lot about broadcast and working on a tight deadline, which is stressful and exciting at the same time.”

Kroeze says her highlights so far have included interacting with the anchors when she helped run scripts to the studio and meeting one of her favorite country artists, Toby Keith, when he was a guest on Jane Skinner’s hour of FOX News Live. “I absolutely love my work and look forward to every day,” says Kroeze, who describes herself as a big fan of FOX News.

She has also enjoyed the opportunity to experience life in New York City, including seeing a performance of “Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway and visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Kroeze hopes the internship will prepare her for media work in a large city after graduating from Northwestern.