NWC to hold ceremony for nursing students

Eight Northwestern College nursing students will formalize their commitment to practice Christ-centered nursing during the department’s first annual Christian Commitment to Professional Nursing Ceremony, to be held Saturday, April 21, from 2 to 4 p.m. at American Reformed Church in Orange City. Community members are invited.

The students will receive nursing lamps and certificates of commitment, indicating they intend to practice Christian nursing as defined by “The Code of Christian Nursing Ethics,” written by Dr. Ruth Daumer, the department’s chairperson. The code, which is based on the nursing program’s philosophy of nursing as a healing ministry, will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Christian Nursing.

The students and their families also have the opportunity to hear from keynote speaker Gayle Stroschein, a missionary and nurse educator. During “Footsteps of Commitment and Service,” Stroschein will share stories of her nursing experiences in Tanzania. The students will also receive a blessing from Rev. Harlan VanOort, Northwestern College chaplain.

Students making the commitment to Christian nursing are Preeti Elaiyavalli, Karnataka, India; Alexandra Irwin, Fullerton, Calif.; Rachael Koenigsberg, Sheffield, Iowa; Jenna Marquardt, Bottineau, N.D.; Brittany Osborn, Rapid City, S.D.; Heidi Otten, Sioux Falls, S.D.; Jaime Roiger, Sanborn, Minn.; and Rebecca Swart, Oostburg, Wis.

“This ritual celebrates the entry of our sophomores into their formal nursing studies,” said Daumer. “The Lord has nurtured these students in their call as nurses. We’re grateful for the opportunity to learn with them in a program that is committed to integrating faith, learning and living.”

Northwestern’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program received full approval from the Iowa Board of Nursing in March 2006. It is one of only three programs in western Iowa to offer a four-year B.S.N. degree.