NWC announces tuition guarantee program

Northwestern College announced today it will adopt a new tuition guarantee program, effective for incoming students in the fall of 2007. Northwestern’s Tuition Guarantee promises incoming freshmen and transfer students their tuition, room and board will not increase while they earn their degree from Northwestern, enabling them to plan for their long-term college expenses more effectively.

Each year, Northwestern will establish a price for tuition, room and board for the next year’s incoming class. The amount charged students for their first year will remain in effect for each of their four years at Northwestern.

“Northwestern’s Tuition Guarantee was developed as another way for Northwestern to provide excellent service and value to students and their families,” says President Bruce Murphy. “The guarantee allows families to plan more effectively for the total cost of a college education at Northwestern. An added benefit of that predictability is that Northwestern staff will be better able to advise students and parents on options to meet their financial needs.

“The Department of Education, Congress and others have expressed concern about annual college cost increases that have greatly surpassed the national rate of inflation,” says Murphy. “At Northwestern, we take this issue very seriously. Enacting this program signifies our intention to be a leader in helping families plan for college.”

Nationwide, average tuition, room and board charges at both four-year public and private institutions rose six percent last year, according to statistics from the College Board. The previous year, costs rose five percent at private colleges and six percent at public institutions.

Northwestern’s Tuition Guarantee is available for up to five years. Northwestern will allow students to leave school for up to two semesters and still retain their original guarantee.

The new program will not affect present Northwestern students, who will remain on the current tuition and room-and-board pricing structure until graduation.

For more information on Northwestern’s Tuition Guarantee, visit www.nwciowa.edu/guarantee or call Gerry Korver, director of financial services, at 1-800-747-4757.

Northwestern, consistently ranked as a top-20 Midwestern comprehensive college by U.S. News & World Report, set a record enrollment this fall with 1,342 students, a 5.4 percent increase from fall 2005. The college has had balanced budgets for more than 20 years.