Playhouse windows available for bidding

The Playhouse, a 1920s-era church building that housed Northwestern's theatre department from 1970 to 2003, will be torn down this fall. Materials from the structure are being sold for salvage, and the building's numerous stained glass windows are available for individual bidding.

Four complete arched units are available, as are many rectangle windows from Sunday school rooms and a number of other windows.

To submit a bid, ask questions or arrange a visit to see the windows in person, please contact Scott Simmelink, director of maintenance and operations, at 712-707-7170 or fax 712-707-7171. Bids are due at noon on Wednesday, Oct. 25.

Arched units (four available): 8 panels in each unit. Units are 6' wide x 9 1/2' high.

Office window (one available): 32" wide x 64" high

Small windows (five available): 16" wide x 40" high

Classroom windows (15 available): 32" wide x 4'6" or 5' high

Narrower windows
(5 available, unshown): 23" wide x 48" high

Windows will be sold as is, and buyers will need to arrange for removal. Additional fees will apply for the maintenance department to remove windows and ship them.