Reading of Visiting Professor Dr. Debra Freeberg’s play: Nobody Could Have Invented Our Lives

Wednesday, May 4, 2022
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Proscenium Theatre, Proscenium Theatre
Jodi Grant, Theatre Secretary/Building Manager

Northwestern theatre students, faculty and staff will present a staged reading of Nobody Could Have Invented Our Lives: a survival fantasia. A staged reading is unlike a fully rehearsed and produced play in that the performers typically only rehearse a couple of times and read from their scripts while sitting on stools. 

THE STORY: Ruth Anderson, 42, mother of two, has nearly lost her mind. She is recovering from an abusive marriage and going through the painful and sometimes absurd territory of divorce. Watch her and her three friends as they journey together from pain and heartbreak to survival and healing.

The play was written by Dr. Debra Freeberg, an artist-in-residence on Northwestern's theatre faculty this semester. She is an emerita director of theatre and professor of communication at Calvin University. She has lectured and conducted workshops on directing, playwriting, children’s theatre, theatre history, communication and leadership across the U.S., Canada, Norway and Sweden.