Rev. Ann Bilbrew, Lead Pastor of Living Springs Riverdale Church

10:05 - 10:35 AM
Christ Chapel
Tanya Vaas, Campus Ministry Administrative Assistant

Her contagious love for Jesus and people is a blessing in the Riverdale, IL, community, and Ann is using all her life experiences to connect with people. She is particularly sensitive to the needs of veterans, the elderly, women, and families in crisis, and she leads a team of volunteers to offer help in a way that is empowering, not enabling. Ann is a member of the Commission of Unity, the Mass Incarceration/Church/Community Exploring team, Seminary Student Care, the African American Council, and the Multi-Racial Commission Team in the Reformed Church in America—all these ministries give her opportunities to actively address the thorny issues of social injustice and racism. Her life motto is, “If my sweet Jesus could forgive everyone, then who can I not forgive? Forgiveness is for the spiritual health of the soul. God is good.” Pastor Ann is the mother of two phenomenal blessings—Joshua Xavier and Brittany.