Why Christian College is Worth the Investment

If you’re looking for a college experience where you can grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ, attending a Christian college is a great choice. But is the possibly higher price tag worth the investment? We think so—especially if you choose a college that’s intentionally Christian.

At an intentionally Christian college, faith is included in every aspect of the college experience. You’ll likely find yourself looking at course content through a biblical lens; talking with teammates, castmates and fellow band members about honoring God through sports and the performing arts; attending campus worship opportunities; and participating in Bible studies offered in your dorm.

Here are a few other reasons why an intentionally Christian college is worth its weight in gold:

1. You’ll be surrounded by a supportive, Christ-like community.

Your college years will be some of the most significant of your life as you figure out what you want to do and who you want to be. As you make these big decisions, surrounding yourself with peers and professors who share your faith commitment can provide you with an essential network of support. These friends and mentors could help you make wise choices and encourage you in your walk with Christ.

At Northwestern College, join more than 200 students who gather weekly for discipleship groups in every residence hall and apartment. Together you’ll pray, study the Bible and apply your faith to what you’re learning in the classroom.

2. You’ll experience a thriving campus ministry program.

Some state schools offer campus ministry opportunities for their students, but many of them are student-led and have inconsistent participation. At a Christian college, you’re more likely to find a campus ministry program with full-time staff who are passionate about helping students like you learn more about Jesus. There may even be options to participate in short-term mission trips, or to help plan and lead worship.

Each year, more than 150 Northwestern students participate in short-term missions across the country and around the globe, serving anywhere between 10 days and 10 weeks. In addition, students participate in local service projects, facilitate small-group gatherings, lead music and worship in chapel, and much more. For more information on Northwestern’s campus ministry program, visit nwciowa.edu/faith.

3. You’ll learn to think biblically about issues that matter to you most.

At a Christian college, your professors will approach everything—from the simplest questions to the deepest mysteries—from a biblical perspective, helping you grow in your understanding of the world around you; form your personal beliefs; and more readily express Christian values. You will also learn how to apply biblical principles in your future career.

4. You’ll have easy access to spiritual resources.

Although you can be a Christian at whichever college you choose, attending an intentionally Christian college provides added accountability by bringing faith to the forefront of student and academic life. Applying your faith in the classroom is excellent practice for considering your faith in your personal life and relationships, helping other areas of your life to thrive. Regularly scheduled campus ministry activities will also make it easier to incorporate worship and prayer into your busy schedule—especially when you know you’ll get to do so with friends!

At Northwestern College, students worship together up to three times per week, and more than 80% attend a local church in addition to NWC chapel services. Sunday night Praise + Worship is one of the most popular events on campus and is led entirely by students.

While a private Christian education might come with some additional costs, the benefits to your spiritual growth and development are priceless. To learn more about Northwestern College—Iowa’s Standout Christian College—visit nwciowa.edu.