How to Get Involved in College

One way to help yourself adjust to the college lifestyle is to get involved on campus. Building relationships and making connections with campus leaders can provide you with a supportive network of people you can trust. But where should you start?

Assess your interests

You may have been involved in a number of activities in high school, but as you enter into this new phase of life, it’s worth taking stock of the activities you’d like to continue. Consider what types of activities bring you joy, enhance your skills and allow you to use your gifts. Give yourself permission to stop pursuing some things so you can make room for new experiences and to focus on your academics.

To help you identify and invest in your interests, the Compass Center for Career & Calling at Northwestern College offers a PathwayU online assessment. This tool gives insight into your personality, strengths and values, and can give you ideas about the types of groups and activities you should pursue.

Learn about your opportunities

Spend time reviewing the college website to learn about groups, clubs and activities offered for students. When you tour campus, pay attention to posters for events and activities. Ask current students, resident assistants and professors about the variety of ways students can be involved in student life and campus leadership.

From clubs to student government, faith groups, and student events, Northwestern’s campus life is full of opportunities to find “your people”. Check out to learn more.

Set a goal

You know your personality and needs best. If you’re an extrovert who craves being with people, try to get involved in something right away. If you need to take things slowly and get settled first, give yourself time to establish a rhythm before committing to something more. Either way, don’t wait too long to get involved! Set a goal for yourself to be involved in some form of group, club or activity within the first semester.

Northwestern College’s annual fall Involvement Fair is a perfect place to learn about available opportunities and talk with other students about their experiences in various clubs. All new students are strongly encouraged to check out the fair as a first step in getting involved.

Be brave

College is your own experience to shape, and getting involved in campus life will help you learn more about yourself, teach you about life and create lasting memories. Step out in faith and try something you’ve never tried before. The more you invest in your college experience, the more you will gain. So, go for it!

Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, is a place you can belong and be equipped for life. At Northwestern, you’ll gain a standout academic experience in a community where you’ll be noticed, accepted and valued. Learn more at and make plans to visit campus soon.