Distinguished alumni

James L. Franken Distinguished Service to Northwestern College

Franken served as president of Northwestern’s Alumni Association and on the Board of Trustees from 1989 to 1991. He was reappointed as a trustee in 1995 and served until his death in November 2001. The CEO of Harbor Group and the Interstates Companies in Sioux Center, Iowa, he joined the college’s Executive Committee of the board in 1998 and served as chair of the Finance Committee from 1999 until his death. Franken’s company endowed the Interstates Electric & Engineering Scholarship, which is available to accounting, business, communications and computer science students at Northwestern. Currently, his family, together with the college, is planning to honor his legacy by funding initiatives that will support NWC students who show potential for the kind of entrepreneurial servant-leadership for which Franken is remembered.

Award year: 2005