Landon Van Berkum
Everson, Washington
Landon Van Berkum

Elevated learning

Northwestern’s size and sense of community led Landon here, but it's the faculty and learning opportunities that continue to impress him as a student. Accepted into the Honors Program as a high school senior, Landon is already taking advantage of many of the opportunities offered. Right now, Landon is considering grad school to become a history professor; he’s also hoping to start a chess club at Northwestern.

Interdisciplinary interests

I love the idea of interdisciplinary study that the Honors Program offers. This really interests me because my majors are so different, and because I love to learn as much as I can. In fact, I wanted to major in four or five disciplines, but that’s not feasible, so instead I enrolled in the Honors Program because it promises experience in fields outside of your own, which is really cool.

Opportunities overseas

My first semester I had the pleasure of taking Magic, Science and Religion, a mainly historical class within the Honors Program that really changed how I thought about history. This summer I will be going to Greece with the Honors Program to learn about Greek history and experience their culture. I am really excited to interact with Greek culture and see how God is moving outside of my context in the U.S. I always find gaining perspective like that to be really valuable. I am also currently taking Greek Legacy, a preparatory class for our trip to Greece. Being with all honors students is wonderful; everyone wants to learn, which makes classroom interaction and dialogue quite meaningful.

Academic allies

I love how much the Honors Program faculty leaders care, and how much they want us to succeed. You just have to look at how many opportunities they make available for honors students to see how much they care about our education and personal growth.

Caring community

Northwestern’s strengths are the people who staff the facilities and the students who use them. The entire community of Northwestern is wonderful and unlike anything I have experienced.

Wider worldview

My faith has grown through my Christian Story classes, which introduced a number of new theological ideas and worldviews. Witnessing these has helped strengthen my understanding of my own views and my understanding of others’ views. I also attend my residence hall wing’s Discipleship Group every Tuesday, which has helped me grow in my relationship with God and with my brothers on my wing.