Jonathan Johnson ’21
Bellflower, California
Jonathan Johnson

Meaningful research

Jonathan came to Northwestern from California and joined the Honors Program partway through his college career to increase his learning and competitive advantage for eventual employment or graduate school. He’s eager to dig into research and hopes to explore the relationship between assimilation and feelings of belonging, a topic close to his heart. In addition to being an honors student, Jonathan is a Bridge Scholar who composes music electronically and enjoys writing poetry.

Making connections

From a very young age, I have been intrigued by how businesses operate and thrive. The further I got into my studies, the more obvious it became that there is no aspect of the business field that is not affected by psychology. Thus, I believed it would be the best choice to major in both business and psychology. Career choices that currently interest me are organizational psychology, marketing and law.

Exceptional endeavors

I applied to be part of the Honors Program for several reasons, one being that I wished to give myself the best opportunity to be pushed and to strive to achieve the highest of honors. To not challenge myself at this stage would feel as though I’m selling myself short. What makes this program even more desirable is the faculty; I appreciate that my professors are scholars who wish to promote the growth of each student.

Honored to learn

So far, I have participated in one Honors Program course: Honors Research Design. Being in a class with all honors students is fun because there are constant ideas bouncing around the room. It elevates my learning by helping me to better engage in classroom activities. In honors classes, speaking one’s mind is encouraged, and there is much to be learned from both the professors and my peers.

Leaders in training

Northwestern’s strengths are its staff and leadership opportunities. The college does a remarkable job hiring individuals who embody the school’s heart and mission. The staff and faculty are here to support each student through thick and thin, and I have witnessed the wonders they do in the lives of many. The many leadership opportunities available enable individual growth as well as a platform for cultivating strong leadership and interpersonal relationships.