Student talking with professor

Vision for Learning

Northwestern College is a community rooted in Scripture and the confessions of Reformed theology and thus shaped by a robust integrative and transformative vision of the Triune God who creates, redeems and sustains. This theological background supports a framework within which students, staff and faculty of various Christian traditions take up the task of loving, understanding and serving the world whose Savior and Lord is Jesus Christ. We see the pursuit of liberal arts education as worship experienced in community and offered to the glory of God. Embracing this calling with a freedom that arises from confidence in God’s saving grace and sovereignty, we are committed to cultivating virtues of heart and mind that will enable us to live out our shared vocation as participants in God’s redemptive work. We respond to God’s call to proclaim the message of the gospel, be stewards of creation, serve Christ in all persons, and bring all things under his lordship.

In keeping with this commitment, we intend Northwestern graduates to be persons who:

Trust, love and worship God

  • Understanding that God is the center of life, learning about God through careful and rigorous study, and aspiring to trust, love and worship God as the sovereign Lord of the universe.
  • Recognizing that to love God is also to live joyfully as participants in a variety of communities, valuing the diversity of the human family, and seeking opportunities for learning, growth and transformation through intercultural relationships.

Engage ideas

  • Demonstrating competence in navigating and contributing to the world of ideas and information, having learned to listen, read, question, evaluate, speak, write, create and perform with a disciplined imagination.
  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical foundations, methods and products of the humanities, the social and natural sciences, and the fine arts.
  • Pursuing truth faithfully in all aspects of life; developing, articulating and supporting their own beliefs; and seeking meaningful dialogue with those holding different convictions.
  • Desiring to continue a life of learning and contemplation.

Connect knowledge and experience

  • Completing academic majors that enable acquisition of the narrower but deeper knowledge and skills that serve as the basis for mastery of a particular discipline and as preparation for meaningful life and work.
  • Exhibiting a broad understanding of the current and historical interplay of different realms of knowledge and experience.
  • Seeking opportunities for growth and reflection that integrate faith, learning and living in community.
  • Seeing beauty and finding joy in all pursuits.

Respond to God’s call

  • Discerning and developing their unique gifts in service to Christ, the church and the world Christ loves and redeems.
  • Regarding all persons as made in the image of God and thus deserving of understanding, love and justice.
  • Living a balanced and whole life in obedience to God.