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Dr. Poornima D'Souza and colleagues are spreading hope, kindness and cheer as they deliver meals and educational materials to students in the Sioux Falls school district. Who says you can't also have a little fun during a pandemic! 
Her advice for educators is to focus on building relationships. Watch her full video below. 

Dr. Poornima D'Souza works with students and parents in the Sioux Falls school district as a school-parent liaison. As a Parent Educator and as a liaison, she provides immigrant families with knowledge of the school system and academic programs and supports the adaptation of immigrant families into a new and alien culture. She helps students, parents and teachers celebrate the beauty of diversity and multi-cultures.

She also teaches graduate courses in Northwestern's online Master of Education program. If you're interested in taking classes with Dr. D'Souza, explore our upcoming online graduate education courses or email

She shares some helpful resources from Parent University: