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Five Reasons to Become a Counselor

 So, you’re thinking about becoming a counselor. Amazing, you are needed! A career in helping is rewarding and fascinating. Your career will focus on understanding human behavior and promoting positive change in individuals, families, or groups.

I will share a few insider secrets with 5 more benefits of the profession!

  1. Freedom
    Be your own boss. If you choose to start your own private practice, you can set your hours. Work when you want to work.

  2. Fulfilling
    Learn and experience a deep appreciation for humanity. See God’s miracles firsthand as you guide people toward healing and holistic health.
  3. Never Grow Bored
    Choose a specialty that excites you. Then, later in your career, choose a new specialty that excites you all over again!

  4. Self-Awareness
    This is a profession where you ARE the “tool” that is used to help the client. Much like a surgeon must keep her scalpel sharp…a counselor must keep herself AWARE. That is, you have to work on your “issues” and continue your personal growth. Balance and acceptance are key.

  5. Mandatory Self-Care
    As a counselor, you will have to practice mandatory self-care. This is the holistic kind that requires setting boundaries, self-compassion, and having down time…just to mention a few.

I’m excited you’re preparing to join the counseling team! There will never be a dull moment unless it is one you’ve scheduled in your calendar.

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About the Author

Dr. Julie Merriman is an associate professor and clinical coordinator for Northwestern's online Master of Arts in Mental Health and School Counseling programs. Dr. Merriman’s background in the mental health field ranges from running her own private practice since 1999 to being a school counselor to running an adolescent
program to creating a school for severely emotionally disturbed students to serving as
a director for Abilene Psychiatric Hospital. She currently maintains her private practice in Meridian, Texas. 

Author Dr. Julie Merriman