Math programs

The diverse courses of Northwestern’s math and physics departments will teach you both analytical and creative problem-solving skills. Together those add up so you equal an attractive candidate, whether you’re headed to the job market or graduate school.

“Advanced” actuarial science

Our actuarial science program is 1 of only 89 programs nationwide classified as “advanced undergraduate” by the Society of Actuaries—and 1 of just 3 among the 100 members of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. Our curriculum covers everything on the first 3 professional actuarial exams, as well as some topics on the 4th and 5th of 8 exams. That means you'll be further along in the process of becoming a certified actuary—and you’ll rise to the top with future employers.

Math teaching

If you want calculated career preparation for teaching, you're set with either a math major or a math teaching minor. In addition to your math classes, you’ll pursue your secondary education certification through an education department that is one of only 4 in Iowa to be CAEP-accredited.

Mathematics Teaching Minor

(Satisfies state teaching endorsement requirements in mathematics for students completing the secondary education endorsement. Also satisfies state teaching endorsement requirements in mathematics for students majoring in elementary education.)

CSC 171QR - Computer Science I
MAT 112QR - Calculus I
MAT 180 - Logic and Discrete Mathematics
MAT 211 - Calculus II
MAT 317 - Linear Algebra
MAT 411 - College Geometry
Choose one course: 3
MAT 116QR - Statistics for the Natural and Social Sciences
MAT 117QR - Applied Statistics for Management
Total credits required: 24