Vision for Learning

At Northwestern College, we are committed to integrating faith with learning in the classroom, athletic arena, performance venue, and residence hall. We pursue excellence in all areas because it honors God and furthers Christ’s kingdom. A Northwestern education prepares students to:

Trust, love and worship God

Northwestern graduates understand learning is an act of worship. They trust that all truth is God’s truth, which frees them to pursue any academic inquiry. They strive to love what God loves, valuing diverse people, cultures and ideas.

Engage ideas

Northwestern graduates are lifelong learners who listen, read, question and evaluate. They add their voices to the wider conversation through disciplined and imaginative speech, writing, art and performance.

Connect knowledge and experience

Northwestern graduates are knowledgeable and wise. They take their excellent classroom learning into their communities, seeking opportunities for meaningful involvement and service.

Respond to God’s call

Northwestern graduates explore and discover their gifts—and then use them in service to God, humanity and creation.

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Feb 2 - 20
Blood Drive 10:30 a.m.
Blood Drive 10:30 a.m.