Faith at NWC

What makes a college a Christian college? At Northwestern, we believe it involves more than chapel—although we worship together as a community throughout the week. It’s more than Bible studies and service projects, although our campus ministry program is one of the strongest in the country.

Believe in learning

Here you’ll explore every discipline through the lens of courageous, faithful Christianity. Your Northwestern education will transform not only your mind, but also your spirit, relationships and attitudes. We attract students who want to grow in their faith as they learn about God, the world, and diverse people and cultures. Our professors are committed Christians who will teach you to engage the world thoughtfully and with compassion.

Answer God’s call

Students who are Christians expect college will help them discover what God wants for their lives. How? At Northwestern you’ll learn what you’re most curious about and be challenged by professors and peers to reach your potential. Service opportunities and short-term mission trips will take you into the world to experience God among diverse people and cultures. What are you best at? And what does the world need most? Learning the answers will point you down the path God wants you to take.

Your Northwestern education will teach you about integrating your faith with your job as an economist, nurse or teacher. But you want to be a smart, Christ-like spouse, parent, and church or community leader too. That’s why you want a whole education for your whole life—because leading a faithful life involves more than making a living.

D-groups 10:15 p.m.
Campus Ministry
Senior chapel 10:05 a.m.

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